Dakpa Tamdin Shingkham Kuenkhyap Incense

Shingkham Kuenkhyap Tibetan Incense


Made according to a centuries-old formulation.
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This premium Tibetan incense is hand-made by Dakpa Tamdin according to a centuries-old formulation. Dakpa Tamdin started making incense as a young refugee from Tibet. He still does at present in his mid eighties.

Shingkham means world of the Buddha, Kuen means everywhere, and kyap means to spread. Dakpa Tamdin Shingkham Kuenkhyap Yellow Select is made by Tibetan refugees with exacting quality standards, using musk, cedar, sandalwood, saffron, Himalayan herbs and other solid aromatic materials.


38 incense sticks


10 in. length